A lab we wanted, and so a lab we’ve launched!

Fuming brains & smoking PCs; broken HTMLs & missing codes…mix it all together, repeat your chemistry lessons and make room on the table: it is time to begin the experiment @ WE MAKE DATA <3

October 9, 2013 h. 12.30
Mark the date and be sure not to miss out as we lift the curtains and reveal what the members of the DATA J LAB have been brewing in the secret lairs of Tilburg University:

∗ Innovative interdisciplinary research: Watch as political scientists, journalists, computer scientists and students join forces to serve the cause of data journalism. The result? Original projects that break the barriers between these disciplines and offer unique contributions to the University’s research areas.

∗ Engaging narratives: Interact with a collection of top-class projects, where students make, use and develop the latest data journalism techniques. Curious about the economic crisis? Surveillance cameras? Tilburg University’s tuition fees? They’ve covered it all!

Spreading the gospel of data journalism: Follow the adventures of our Data J Lab as we cross Europe to bring our projects to fame:

… and we’re not going to stop soon! So don’t miss our launching event… and follow our lab!


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