Data J Lab networking session #1: SnakeSearch

The Data J Lab inaugurates its brand-new networking sessions bringing to you Snakesearch!

Shakesearch is a startup ICT focusing on ‘big data’. The project will be launched in the near future, and is funded by private investors and the European Union. Snakesearch aims at employing a large number of data journalists, in both internships and paid work arrangements, from September 2014 on. Snake Search is looking for web editors, journalists, and a number of other figures. They will meet UvT students on Tuesday the 11th of February, starting at 1pm, in DZ3. Mark the date!

Rutger Weemhoff from the Snake Search team illustrates their activities as follows: “The Snake Search project involves systematic documentation of websites. Starting in the Netherlands, the module is then rolled out in Europe and then worldwide. The Dutch society has already been covered by us during the last years within a comprehensive categorical system and operates using bread crum technology. This encyclopedic system only delivers relevant search results because it is extremely rationally and is built according to strict scientific principles, also using semantics. Finally, we attach great importance to objectivity, as all the information is neutral delivered by us on the Internet. We organised about 600 sectors already and provide the user neutral information, and clean lines with only the websites that he ‘s really looking for! Users can navigate through our unique system, our so-called Snake, rows with categories, not only searching through the list with results, a user will also get an insight into sectors. Whether it’s business, agriculture, government, construction, industry, culture, or science, the user will be able to find it and is getting also an overview of every sector. Our system aims at completeness. Each sector will soon be mapped systematically by our web editors, using a dashboard, especially developed by us”.

If you curious and want to know more and show what you can do, join us in DZ3!

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