data journalism @ UvT

The contemporary ‘information explosion’ generates exabytes of data every year. These “big data”, as they have become known, include, for example, information generated by ‘open data’ government policies, academic research, digital archiving, and human interactions in social networks. These data tell stories, but only skilled data analysts can bridge the gap between knowledge and data to find the stories underneath. Journalism, as one of the key professions specialized in making information visible and accessible to large audiences, is at the forefront of this ‘data revolution’.

The Data Journalism program at Tilburg University is a Master of Arts for people who want to learn to find stories within complex datasets. The program explores data journalism from four angles: data retrieval, data storytelling, data visualization and data publishing. It combines the scientific methods of data processing and data treatment with the core values and processes of journalism. Those holding a MA degree in data journalism will be able to, for example, select data from a broad range of data sources, plan and organize innovative data projects, analyze and abstract data from a scientific perspective and visualize data in graphics and text.

You will follow courses like Transmedia JournalismUser Interface DesignJournalistic DataminingPrecision JournalismDigital StorytellingInteractive Visualization, Social Signal Processing, and Data Journalism Practice.

With a MA in data journalism you will be able to work, for example, as data analyst, data journalist, interaction designer, information visualization expert, investigative reporter, multimedia storyteller, project manager in the area of new media and big data.

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