The Open Data Hub

For us at the Data J Lab, open knowledgetransparency and reproducible research are some of the most important aspects about the Big Data Revolution. We believe that a great deal of data can – and should – be freely available for anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Data should be checked, published, republished, and criticized without restrictions. Accordingly, all data published on this Data Hub is available for access, reuse and redistribution by every visitor.

This Data Hub gives you the possibility to download, search and upload any data set you desire. Furthermore, in the tutorial section we will work with these data sets in order to give you some tips on how to be creative with your data.

Our initial datasets come from the various research facilities and students of Tilburg University. In the near future, we plan to host data from other sources as well – so please consider submitting your data to this Open Data Hub to make it available to the community.

Stay tuned: data on the way!