about Data J Lab

The Data J Lab is a virtual lab on data journalism trends and techniques. We make data analytics fun and relevant to society. The Lab is based at the Department of Media Studies of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). After a period of quiescence, due to the relocation of the Founding Director Stefania Milan to UvA, the Lab is now alive and kicking again. It is connected to the course ‘Data Journalism’ offered in the framework of the BA program in Media Studies, specialisation Media and Information.

A bit of history

An initiative of Stefania Milan, the Data J Lab was created in 2013 as an applied spin-off and the playground of the Data Journalism Master’s Programme at Tilburg University. Based in the Department of Communication and Information Sciences, it benefited from a long-standing tradition of interdisciplinary research at the intersection of communication and applied informatics. The Data J Lab team was then composed of five faculty members with expertise ranging from computer science, to journalism, to sociology, and included a number of students and external experts. It had working partnerships with a variety of international and Dutch media outlets. In the ‘it’s history’ section of the website, you can find out more about our early-day projects.