Stefania Milan
Stefania (@annliffey) is curious about the politics of code, internet activism, and data epistemology. A political scientist by formation and a journalist by first love, she is an assistant professor of data journalism. A latent techno determinist, she believes in bikes and never tires of preaching a critical approach to technology. Stefania is the author of Social Movements and Their Technologies: Wiring Social Change (Palgrave, 2013), and co-author of Media/Society (Sage, 2011). Before coming to the Netherlands, she was in Toronto at the Citizen Lab: she loves the nerdy creative atmosphere of labs so much that she decided to create her own.
Hille van der Kaa
Hille van der Kaa
Hille (@Hillevanderkaa) has previously worked as a journalist and publisher. She is one of the founders of the current data journalism MSc program at Tilburg University. Her PhD research focuses on new news sources (real time data, sensors) and data-journalism research methods. In addition to her work for the university she runs her own business, The Uitgeeffabriek (The Publishing Factory), with which she creates transmedia scripts and productions. Van der Kaa is coauthor of the Dutch Handbook of Data Journalism.
Grzegorz Chrupała
Grzegorz Chrupała
Grzegorz’s research is focused on computational language learning. He is especially interested in cognitively-inspired models of language learning that illuminate language acquisition in humans, while at the same time, are useful for real-world text understanding applications. He studied in Poland and Spain, he and got his PhD from the School of Computing at Dublin City University. After that he worked as a researcher at the Spoken Language Systems group at Saarland University. He has now moved to Tilburg University where part of his job is to teach aspiring data journalists about how to find, retrieve and analyze data.
Suleman Shahid
Suleman Shahid
Suleman is an assistant professor of human-computer interaction. His research focuses on exploring mobile and social media for reporting and consuming news, particularly in crisis scenarios and during emergency-response activities. Suleman holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from Tilburg University, and a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree (PDEng) in human-computer interaction from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Suleman is a news freak and enjoys predicting the future (news). He has a good track record of predicting political news (nothing changes there, right!) but he is quite bad at forecasting weather (well, he does live in the Netherlands after all!).
Alice Corona
Alice Corona
Alice (@alice_corona) is a recent graduate of the Data Journalism program of Tilburg University, which she completed with a thesis on civic social media and open government data for civic empowerment. She is now finding her way as a freelance journalist, with collaborations on and She likes running, rowing and pedaling; she makes bracelets, breads and perfumes…all while dreaming to have a farm in the magical island of Lipsi!
Afroditi Kanakopoulou
Afroditi Kanakopoulou
Afroditi (@afroditikan) is a recent graduate from Communication and Information Sciences (MA) where she discovered Data Journalism and got her ticket to the Data J Lab! She is passionate about innovations, philosophizing and everything digital. She aspires to be the person that her dog thinks she is. In the meanwhile, she enjoys good food, nice conversations with friends, coffee to keep her awake and wine to make her happy.
Tim Staps
Tim Staps
Tim Staps (@TimStaps) is an almost-graduate of Tilburg University’s Communication and Information Sciences (MA). His master thesis illustrates the emergence of meaning within the online fandom of Game of Thrones. Needless to say he is huge fan of high fantasy, loves to read novels from George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, and non-fiction of Slavoy Zizek. He currently fulfils the position of Online PR & Social Media coordinator for Data J Lab. He has a history in journalism and online marketing. He still dreams his childhood dreams of living and working abroad.
Adriana Homolová
Adriana is a recently graduated data journalism student. In her thesis, she has explored how corruption can manifest itself in public procurement using social network analysis. She is a nerd in training who is interested mostly in data acquisition, visualization and scripting. She appreciates English humor, embraces open-source culture, loves lentils and also runs a blog.
Frank Belyeu
Frank Belyeu
Frank has completed a double degree in law and journalism in Spain. During his legal studies, he also did postgraduate work in international crisis management with the intention of becoming a war correspondent someday. Frank did an internship as an investigative journalist in CIPER-Chile, where he published two extensive reports about corruption, one of which lead to the resignation and prosecution of six politicians inside the Chilean Ministry of Interior. When he was a little boy, his dream was to be a scientist. Now he is happy: he finally works in a lab.
Susanne Finken
Susanne is a multi-cultural sociologist mixed with a tad of social media, journalism, psychology and business communication. The world of Data Journalism pulled her to Tilburg where she is currently working on her thesis and looking for experiences filled with data and visualizations. As a child, she was considered as the mediator and negotiator – nowadays she can back her arguments up with data, which makes her invincible.
Ákos Kádár
Ákos is a Human Aspects of Information Technology master’s student from Hungary. For his bachelor he studied Italian studies and general linguistics and his main interests are the formal representations of natural language and its possible applications. He was involved in various other activities before the Data J Lab: for example, he hosted a jazz show on an independent radio station, he worked as an e-learning business analyst and a sound and light technician. He also likes tomatoes.
Josh Boissevain
Josh (@joshboissevain) is a DJ student at Tilburg. Originally from the U.S., he’s spent the last five years living in Eastern Europe as a freelance journalist and English teacher. Most recently, Josh worked as the social media editor for the Prague-based international news magazine and media development NGO, Transitions Online as well as editor of the new-media blog, Net Prophet. But he decided to turn his attention to data journalism after an ancient fortuneteller high in the Carpathian Mountains revealed to him his future: “Learn SQL, save the world!”
Wouter van Loon
While his broad interests led him to journalism, it was Wouter’s desire for facts launched him into the universe of data. Today he works as a (data) journalist for, among others, the Dutch news websites Z24 and Crimesite. In addition, he is doing his studies in data journalism at Tilburg University, which he hopes to finish in 2014. Since starting, he has come to see the geeks at secondary school in a very different perspective.
Mine Paşamehmetoğlu
Mine is completing a dual-diploma program offered in partnership with the Communication and Information Sciences Department at Tilburg University and the Communication and Media Studies department at Bilkent University in Turkey. She also has a master’s degree from the cinema and television program at Kadir Has University. She writes scripts, and the chance to use her writing skills for digital media led her to choose data journalism as an area of specialization.  In addition, she is interested in psychology, cognition, film and media studies.
Wendy Straathof
Wendy has just started studying data journalism at Tilburg University after taking a gap year to work a little and see more of the world. She is interested in new digital media, television and business communication, and she is still exploring how to best combine these interests with data journalism in order to contribute a bit. Besides social media, Wendy remains a strong supporter of socializing 1.0. In her head, she has made up a bucket list that just keeps growing and keeps her busy.
Marlies de Brouwer
Marlies is almost a graduate in the Data Journalism program at Tilburg University, where she is writing her thesis about “infographics”. She is looking at what is the best way of clustering information in a bar graph: by color or by space? She also works part time at “De Volkskrant” as a data analyst. She likes climbing mountains and going out with her study association. And she loves laughing a lot …. like when she is watching Disney movies (especially Timon & Pumba!)
April Luo
April is a positive Chinese girl who is always on to her next adventure of discovery – whether that’s from language study, to communication then to data journalism; from China to the Netherlands; or from a six-year career as a TV journalist to a premaster student. Everything she’s done so far has been with the intention of hunting down every new possibility in life. Just like in data exploration, you don’t know what you will find, but the result is always full of surprises.
Rik Wassens
Rik is a Communication and Information Sciences student with a passion for journalism. He finished his bachelor in Communication Design and is pursuing his MSc in Data Journalism, hoping to add to his journalistic arsenal. He writes for Univers, Tilburg University’s independent news medium. Rik hopes to combine humor and wit with his unreciprocated love for technology and programming. He is currently recuperating from information intoxication after learning how to write Twitter crawlers. Rik can usually be found staring at mountains of data unable to find the time to conquer them.
Zoe Wang
My name is Zoe Wang, I’m from China. I was doing Journalism in my bachelor in China. During that time me and my colleague did a character interview columns of a famous poets in China for our university journal, and I did some research focus on Journalism photography in my bachelor thesis, I found journalism is a wonderful and exciting world. Relative to pure theory research, I prefer the combination of theory and practice, because I believe journalism is definitely not ‘talking about stratagems on paper’. I feel very fortunate to be able to join Data Journalism program this spring. I’m very interested in FOI and investigative journalism. I think to some extent investigative journalist is like private detective, whose work is full of the unknown and challenge! And I love dogs and travelling! My dream is to be a journalist of Travel Magazine… or maybe Pet Magazine!